A Very Merry Expat Christmas

As you may or may not recall, I spent last Christmas in a Japanese hospital. Don’t get me wrong, it was about as rockin’ as one could hope given the circumstances, but this year I wanted more. For my first Christmas in China I was ready to rock.

Ma Li is still trying to wrap her head around this whole Christmas thing, and me being psycho Christmas spirit guy isn’t helping. She was a good sport through most of it though, and only told me a few times how embarrassing it was to walk beside me down the street when I had my Santa hat on…

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Day In, Day Out

I’ve been in China for just over three months, and my living routines have settled into predictable patterns for the most part. Let me illuminate you…

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m a teacher (not professor) at Shenyang University of Technology in Shenyang City, Liaoning Prefecture, China. Originally I signed on as an English Conversation teacher to bank some cash while I study Chinese. I’ve set aside two full years to get myself as close to fluent in Chinese as possible and then take the proficiency test.

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