Sexy Girls KTV!

This week I’m in Fuzhou for the 66th China International Medical Equipment Fair.

Last night I went out to dinner with my boss, an old German dude (OGD) who was his former boss from a different company, and the OGD’s Chinese assistant/translator.

After finishing up our seafood tasties, we four tumbled out onto the sidewalk. Having surveyed the surroundings, my boss declared that we were going to go to KTV (he likes to sing). Being a good soldier, I happily agreed (I don’t like to sing at all).

A short walk later we arrived in front of a large, flashy KTV parlor. The sign on the building, in giant neon characters, read 自助KTV. (“self-service KTV”)

“Self-service KTV?!?” he bellowed. “To hell with that! We need sexy girls! CHANGE LOCATION!”

So we did!

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