Attending a Chinese Funeral

Last Thursday the mother of a cherished friend and coworker passed away. She was 70 years old, but the sudden illness that struck her down caught everyone by surprise. On Friday the same fellow, now out of the office on bereavement leave, invited me to attend the funeral on Saturday morning.

What follows is a descriptive record of that event. Photography, understandably, is not welcome during such events so please forgive the lack of imagery. Also, this being my first such experience I have very little insight to offer into the rituals I am about to relate. I must focus on the what, perhaps another time we can find resources with which to cover the why

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Spring in Shenyang!


One year of Shenyang weather features Winter facing off against Summer, with a smattering of Spring and Autumn lasting about two weeks each. On Thursday all the peach trees around town started blooming. Spring had arrived! And about a week later it’ll be Summer! Quick! Better get outside and enjoy it right now!

So this afternoon Huilin’s maternal grandfather (“Laoye” in Chinese) came over and we went to the park!

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