Watching the Transit of Venus!

It’s hard to get excited about astronomical phenomena when you live in China. The air quality and light pollution are so bad that almost nothing of note is visible.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that 2012-06-05/06 was the last Transit of Venus this century, and that the next won’t occur until 2117 when we’ll all be quite dead!

For once, China was perfectly situated to view the transit.

I'm the red donut! "Entire Transit Visible" - yeah baby!
I’m the red donut! “Entire Transit Visible” – yeah baby!

And as this occurs during the day – about 0600 to 1200 for us in Shenyang – one needn’t have worried about light pollution. That left us with air quality and bad weather as the only limiting factors.

Unfortunately, the weather the entire preceding week was rain, even hail at one point! As late as 2200 the night before the weather forecast for Wednesday morning was cloudy and/or stormy.

But Drew was not dissuaded!

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