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参观棋盘山的向阳寺 – Visiting Qipanshan’s “Sun-facing Temple”

In late June, when Spider was only three weeks old, I took advantage of a beautiful morning to drag the entire group – wife, M-I-L, son, and puppy – to the nearby Xiangyang Temple for some fresh air.

Xiangyang Temple (向阳寺), literally “Sun-facing Temple”, overlooks the southwestern reaches of Qipanshan lake. You can see the temple and surrounding area for yourself via Google Earth if you input the following coordinates in GE’s search bar:

41°55’52.75″ N, 123°38’41.75″ E

According to the temple’s own history, it was built around 500 years ago. I declare that unlikely on the grounds that this part of China was very sparsely populated during the time claimed. Things didn’t start really happening around here until the Manchus declared Shenyang their capital in the 1600s. Furthermore, whatever structures may have existed by the 20th century were almost certainly destroyed during the Cultural Revolution as part of the “Four Olds” campaign by the Red Guards and other associated geniuses. That all the buildings on the grounds look brand-spanking new (and probably are) does not in any way detract from the experience, however! The architecture is still lovely.

View of the main gate from the upper parking lot
View of the main gate from the upper parking lot

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Heaths Come to Japan – Day 8 – The Old Capital on Foot

Day 8, Sunday, dawned with us on a mission. We had a full day to spend in what is perhaps Japan’s most culturally blessed city, and we were not about to waste it. Furthermore, we had finally outpaced the rainy weather that had been our constant companion since my parents arrived. Ironically, while we were enjoying sunny blue skies in Kyoto, my buddies back in Beppu were hunkered down riding out the year’s biggest typhoon (hurricane) – what luck!

You could honestly spend a year in Kyoto alone and not want for things to visit and study, but with only one day to spare we had to grit our teeth, lace up our shoes, and hit the big 3 – the Imperial Palace, Kinkakuji, and Ryoanji.

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