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Philippines – Getting Some Work Done

Surprised yah didn’t I? Weren’t expecting me to sneak a mid-week update in now were you? I think you’ll find that this time I really don’t have a lot to say, but that’s a good thing I assure you.

At the end of the last post I discussed my hopeful intentions to do the following:

  • finish the household surveys
  • map San Isidro with a GPS unit
  • visit the regional DENR office
  • visit NAMRIA for maps
  • interview the PRRM project coordinator
  • visit the Dept of Agriculture
  • interview the PRRM head

Last week was a winner, because as of right now I have accomplished everything italicized in that above list. I was also supposed to get the PRRM project coordinator’s interview done last night, but she rescheduled for this evening. Also, the Department of Agriculture visit isn’t by any means a do-or-die accomplishment, so in reality after I interview this lady tonight I’ll only have one more major item left to see to in my 2.5 weeks of remaining research time – that’s efficiency baby!

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Philippines – Jorge of the Coconuts

Oh what a week it’s been. Now I realize you’re saying “but wait Drew, you haven’t fed the vicarious needs of our boring cubicle lives in TWO weeks!” … and you’d be correct, the point is nothing can compare to what I’ve experienced the last 5 days during our time in San Isidro… which I’ll get to shortly, but first some odds and ends.

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