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Drew Builds a Duck Blind

I went birding at Huanzidong Reservoir a couple of weeks ago and found the water level way, way down. Hundreds of meters of mudflats were exposed. This attracts all sorts of birdlife, but leaves the hopeful birder no place to hide. Even with a spotting scope, trying to identify sandpipers at 300m totally sucks.

Rubbing salt in the wound, over the summer some local government genius spent who knows how much money building this fucking awesome bird-watching tower:

A lovely design except for the fact that it's sited a kilometer from the water's edge.
A lovely design except for the fact that it’s sited a kilometer from the water’s edge.

But they forget to put it anywhere remotely near the reservoir so now it’s a fucking awesome corn-watching tower.

Looking ahead to the upcoming arrival of the Siberian Cranes, I decided to take drastic action: I would build a duck blind.

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Home Improvement Hate

October 1st is China’s National Day and my company gives me the legal minimum days off, then rearranges a few weekends, and – ta da! – an 8 day holiday! Despite being rather annoyed at having to work weekends before and after the “holiday” in order to get that time “off”, I nevertheless recognize the value of having 8 days off in a row. For me, it was going to be Man Project Week.

As a precursor to MPW, I dropped by Shenyang’s Home Depot after work one night in the last week of September… only to find it closed with a large handwritten placard out front basically saying that it hadn’t met the lofty sales goals of the parent company and the branch was closed on August 31st. I am being dead serious when I say that this news was nearly cause for weeping, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments. I hopped in a taxi and rode all the way home really, really pissed off.

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