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The Sino-American Space Program

My son Huilin loves Space, Rockets, and everything having to do with Space and Rockets. He’s logged many hours on my lap playing Kerbal Space Program. He’s been to Cape Canaveral and toured the Kennedy Space Center. He’s been to Washington, D.C. and toured the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. In short, he’s addicted.

So it was only natural that this past Christmas waiting under the tree, having been carefully acquired from the finest Chinese suppliers by an ever-thoughtful Santa Claus, was a model rocket kit.

My package delivery boy, like most Chinese men, was a big basketball fan.

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12 months, 13 faces

Huilin celebrated his first birthday today! The first year flew past much too quickly for his father, but I think his mommy is already counting down the days until he leaves for college… we shan’t criticize her though, she has been home with him almost every day since he arrived. Superbaby can wear anyone out!

To commemorate this occasion, here are 13 photos of HMH. Each photo was taken on or very nearly on a monthly interval. It’s fascinating how much his face has changed as he’s grown older!

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Reflections on 7 Months of Life with Huilin

As my son marks 7 months outside the womb, it seems like a good time to look back over his first half year earthside.

When Huilin was born Ma Li and I were not fully prepared. We had the bare essentials, but we fell far short of the idyllic young couple that furnishes an entire baby room from floor to ceiling. However, our redemption, and the reason for our relatively painless transition into parenthood, was in being fully aware of just how unprepared we were. There was no hubris, no denial, just lots and lots of … shopping!

The one area of our preparations in which I personally fell shortest, and was also completely blindsided by, was muscles – specifically that extensive array of tiny muscles which fan across your shoulders, lower neck, and upper back. Huilin was only 3.5kg when he was born, but the constant lifting, bending, and leaning associated with manipulating a newborn quickly left my entire upper back in knots. The first few weeks were really quite painful, but by the end of the first month my back and shoulders had caught up with his weight, and from there I resolved to really start diligently exercising again to ensure I’d always be able to not only heft my little monster, but swing him about with ease.

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