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Things I Miss

I’m slowly approaching a milestone of sorts – one unbroken year outside American borders. Fittingly, the last day I slept on American soil was my birthday, February 4th. With no plans to return home in the foreseeable future, I am just over 3 months away from hitting that aforementioned mark.

Therefore, I think it be high time to compose a short list of the things I’m beginning to long for most. This group is by no means complete, nor in any sort of order either of importance or of strength of longing. I’m just gonna toss stuff out as it comes to me…

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Heaths Come to Japan – Day 4 – On the Train

Today was a travel day, the final destination being the city of Kagoshima at the southern tip of Kyushu. All we had to actually accomplish today was get down to Kagoshima, which takes just over four hours altogether on the train… …and consequently would be my parents’ first experience of the absolutely marvelous Japanese rail transportation system.


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