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Futebol in Brasil!

My work-wanderings took me to Sao Paolo, Brazil this week. This is my second visit to Sao Paolo, the first being back in 2013 just before the anti-corruption riots broke out. Sao Paolo is a lively, vibrant city with warm people and outstanding cuisine. I was excited to spend another week here just basking in the ambiance… but my local partner had other, better plans!

Wednesday night he invited me to see the Brasil Serie A futbol clash between local favorites Palmeiras and visiting Avaí.

Good guys.
Good guys.
Bad guys.
Bad guys.







You may have heard that Brazilians are rather fond of futebol?

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Purple Sanga

Saturday I returned to the Oita “Big Eye” Stadium to join the blue maniacs and wildly cheer on the Oita Trinita for another two hours. This time Satoshi, Jane, and Jessica had other things to attend to – or simply just didn’t want to sit next to a screaming idiot for that long again so they were scratched. However, I did manage to talk Michelle (my RA / buddy) into going and the adventure was on!

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The Passion of the Trinita

Saturday, the 29th of April 2006, can unequivocally be called my best day in Japan ever. It started unremarkably enough around 8:30am with the four of us staggering one by one out of our rooms and towards the kitchen as we bravely fought hangovers of various severity from an impromptu margarita bash the night before.

Three real, supremely happy smiles... and then there's Jane. Goddamnit Jane.
Three real, supremely happy smiles… and then there’s Jane. Goddamnit Jane.

Finding a human in our floor’s kitchen before 10am on a Saturday is generally nigh impossible, finding *four* humans battling various stages of inebriatory-consequentiality rather than zonked out in bed is downright absurd. These kids must be up to something…

Yah damn right.

Saturday was a big, big day, one we had been looking forward to for an entire week – Saturday, you see, was bowling and soccer day.

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