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Chopsticks, Tuberculosis, and Sumo

Yesterday I promised Sumo, and today I shall deliver, but you’ve gotta hear about some other stuff first. So, this morning all new students had to report to a health center down in Beppu to take a battery of medical tests. In order to accommodate us all in an orderly fashion, they staggered our arrival times to the pick-up point based upon Student ID number. Last night I was under the impression that the graduate students would be headed down last, but upon checking the schedule just before bed at 1am or so, I discovered that I was completely wrong. It seems that whichever wiseguy came up with said schedule decided that us older graduate students should all be crammed onto the 8am bus to be the first load of the day. From the moment I read this on the paper I had just under 6hrs of sleep left if I was going to rise, shower, and catch that bus. Thanks, ass.

The following morning, this morning, came much much too quickly and I stumbled into the shower half-blind until the soothing hot water pried my eyes open. As promised, I busted out the hair goop for the first time. Time constraints as they were, I couldn’t get overly creative, but if you force me to wake up at 7am you’d better be prepared for my mean face.

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