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It’s Windy Here

Underneath every aspect of APU life there has been one thing, one theme, one reality that is so constant that it simply cannot be denied. In fact, the existence of the thing of which I speak is so certain that it might as well be considered the genesis of Truth itself. That thing… is wind. Laugh not at this seemingly simple observation. I have heard of places on this fair planet that are what you might call “windy.” Chicago seems to be one place in particular that carries with it a sort of mythos of moving air…

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Graduate School Beginnings – The Week in Review

Well I’ve been a bit delinquent in posting, but not because I don’t love you. I find it very hard to have any semblance of a schedule around here. Granted my classes always start and end at definitive times, but once I head back towards the AP Houses things just tend to get whack. In any case, here goes:

I awoke Wednesday morning to this:


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