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Fukuoka was the chosen location for celebrating the completion of our first quarter at APU, and Fukuoka was the place we found ourselves bright and early on a Thursday morning after a 2hr bus ride through the boondocks of Kyushu. It was Ting, Satoshi, and I’s first time in Fukuoka. It was just like any other big city, pleasantly beautiful so long as you didn’t look too closely.



We had the run of the place for two whole days and must have walked 40k easily once everything was said and done. My pictures from the trip are reflective of my mood at the time, which is to say, light-hearted.


That is by far the strangest pair of mannequins I’ve ever seen…

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Certain Deviations & Yakuza News

No news is good news I suppose. I registered for my classes without incident on Tuesday morning. Since then I’ve sat through a number of orientations which usually sound promising at first and then quickly devolve into mind-numbing paperwork lectures, or end up applying primarily to undergraduates.

I received the results of my medical tests today. In typical Japanese fashion I scored within acceptable limits for an adult male on every single test, and on many tests was in the optimum area, and yet my final rating was still A2(with A1 being best). My A2 rating came with the following explanation – “Certain deviations were found, but there is no need for concern.” Ooooook…

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