Hospital – A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Things are progressing slowly now here at the hospital, which is what rehab is all about I guess.

I’ve had some calf pain the last few days and the doctors were worried about embolism but my bloodtest came back ok.

I took my one week post op x-ray today and everything looked good, but there was a little thingy hovering in my flesh behind my knee. Best guess is that it’s a bone fragment from the extensive drilling done during my surgery. The doctors have said that it might dissolve, it might linger forever and do nothing, and it might become a problem. For now though we do nothing, rehab continues.

As for rehab, today I began putting substantial weight on my new knee for the first time. My passive flexibility is up to 90 degrees and my active flexibility is about 70.

16-rehab_is_always_hell 17-lame 24-swelling_way_down 23-to_the_cafe

Christmas draws near, I hope everyone has some kickass presents waiting for them!

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